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Cultivating Earthworms Having Great Potential E-mail
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Sunday, 04 December 2005
Cultivating Earthworms Having Great Potential


Asia Info Services

CHINA -- People have come to realize the benefit of cultivating earthworms gradually. There is a good prospect for developing this market. According to analysis, the protein contained in the earthworms reaches as high as 60 percent, higher than that of beans. In addition, the earthworms possess the properties of refreshment, detoxication, invigorating the circulation of blood and health care. The health-care products made from earthworms have already been put on market.

As a kind of feed, the earthworm products contain much protein, various kind of vitamins and plenty of trace elements. Medicines compounded with the earthworms can cure many diseases. The development of the earthworms in the field of medicines has scored new breakthrough. Experiment proves that earthworm dropping play a better role than other fertilizers in raising output and optimizing quality of the crops and can also improve the soil. Beijing Dahuan Cultivating Factory has become a leading enterprise of the same trade. Now, it can yield 200 tons of earthworms annually.

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