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The Organic Cow Cares Award Winners E-mail
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Sunday, 14 January 2007

The Organic Cow Cares Award Winners


Business Wire

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- The Organic Cow(R), New England's original organic milk brand, announced today the 2006 Organic Cow Cares Award winners. The Organic Cow received numerous entries from teachers, classrooms, schools and individuals and chose winners that best promoted organic principles, including the health benefits of organic foods, environmental stewardship, animal welfare and natural resource conservation.

Winning entries included a day care center that emphasizes teaching toddlers and pre-schoolers to respect and protect the environment, a teacher whose outdoor classroom project encourages kids to participate in community gardening by planting vegetables and raising earthworms, and a team of students that make a difference as they clean up the oceans and reduce pollution.

"The Organic Cow Cares Award was conceived as part of our ongoing commitment to the health and heritage of New England," said Caragh McLaughlin, director of marketing, The Organic Cow. "It is a pleasure and privilege to recognize and reward people who serve as organic stewards in their schools, homes and communities. We remain dedicated to our mission to improve the health of New England's families, communities and environment by expanding organic farming and making delicious organic milk available to as many people as possible. We are grateful to the people who live and teach organic principles everyday."

The following first place winners receive $1,200.

--Sunnye Dreyfus - East Boston, Mass.

Something's growing in inner city Boston: a passion for the environment. Under the inspired guidance of teacher Sunnye Dreyfus, students at the Hugh Roe O'Donnell School in East Boston enjoy a rare urban opportunity to explore and nurture the natural world. Through her Outdoor Classroom project, Sunny introduces kids in grades K through 5 to concepts like organic farming, sustainable agriculture and respect for the community. The children work together to plant, tend and harvest their own schoolyard garden, then share their learning by hosting a neighborhood Earthworm Festival. Through these hands-on projects, Sunny gently guides her students toward lifelong habits of environmental stewardship and community involvement.

About The Organic Cow

The Organic Cow is New England's original organic milk. Founded in 1990 on a 400-acre farm near Tunbridge, Vt., the brand has its roots firmly planted in the New England soil. Today, more than 200 northeast family farms produce milk for The Organic Cow, with partners located in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania.
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