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1St Grade Wonderful Worms Update E-mail
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Sunday, 25 February 2007

1St Grade Wonderful Worms Update

We enjoyed our study of earthworms and found out that worms eat bacteria, bugs, fungus, and dirt.  We did research and also found out that the largest earthworms can grow up to 22 feet in length.  Seaworms can grow much larger.  They can be as large as 200 feet in length.  In class we estimated that would be almost as long as a football field. We also saw pictures of very unusual seaworms such as the Feather Duster and the Christmas Tree worm.  We also learned that earthworms were brought to North America in the 1600's and 1700's by the Eurpopean settlers.  Scientists believe that the last Ice Age that covered North America killed all the earthworms that were once on our continent.  We know that without earthworms to add oxygen and air to the soil, our plants would not be healthy.

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