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Medicinal Treatment Using Earthworm Extract E-mail
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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Medicinal Treatment Using Earthworm Extract




By Titov I.N., Anokhin B.M.

Prospect Stroiteley, 11, Vladimir, Russia, 600024

Preparations made of material of animal origin (placenta, snake and bees poison, dags, sea and river hydrocole) were used extensively in folk and modern medicine for treating many human diseases. These preparations are also very important nowadays, though some of them are not used in modern medicine because of resource deterioration. Renewable natural medical material of animal origin and pharmaceutical preparations on their basis as well as biologically active food supplements are the future. This sector of human activity and economics must be developed and improved in every possible way.

Earthworms are ancient invertebrate animal on Earth. They play an important role not only in the food chain of ecosystem, but they also influence physical chemical properties of soil composition and enforce microbiological processes in soil itself. About 4000 kinds of earthworms are known to humanity, but nowadays only 10-15 are used as vermicultures in different countries. Manure (compost) worm Eisenia fetida (Savingy, 1826) is particularly good for “multi goal” usage. Earthworms are grown for two main reasons – to turn organic wastes into organic fertilizers (vermicompost/biohumus) with maximum effect and to increase the biomass of earthworms as the source of proteins, peptides, enzymes and physically active substances. Thus vermiculture is a modern biotechnology that helps turn organic wastes of plant origin into animal proteins of full value effectively. Moreover, the biomass of earthworms is a unique and renewable natural material for producing different preparations of biologically active substances.   

The medical value of earthworms has been known for a long time as is evident from the history of the ancient medicine of South-Eastern Asia (Japan, China and Vietnam). The ointments and extracts prepared from earthworm tissues have been used for the treatment of numerous diseases.

The preparation “VERMIVIT” is an alcoholic extract from the earthworm Eisenia fetida tissues  after a special treatment: density 0.939, protein concentration 8 g/l, amino acids concentration 1.7 g/l, 17 microelements, vitamins, essential amino acids. The course of treatment was 1 teaspoonful of the preparation “VERMIVIT” dissolved in 50 ml of boiled water 3 times a day before meals during 3 weeks. After a short break for laboratory tests the course of treatment was repeated.

The comparative examination has been performed in two groups of patients: one of which consisted of 31 and another of 25 persons (a control group), including 11/7 men and 20/18 women at the age from 22 to 72 years old. Affections: shotty breast – 11/10, malignant swellings of the 4th clinical group – 5/5, adiposity – 3/5, osteochondrosis – 9/3, psora – 2/2, other diseases – 1/0. The treatment by the agent lasted from 1 to 3 months for 15 patients, up to 1 year for 14 ones and up to 3 years for 2 patients. The results of a 4-year follow-up observation revealed the recovery of 9/0, improvement in 17/7, without effect – 2/15, death of 3/3 of progressive tumoral process. No pathologic changes have been revealed in patients taken the extract from the earthworm over a long period of time.  There is no medicine to cure shotty breast, it is treated now only surgically. Further researches are necessary to extract a specific substance from earthworm tissue to make a medical preparation against this disease. 

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