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Pack Your Rice, Because Famine Conquers Hungry Men E-mail
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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Pack Your Rice, Because Famine Conquers Hungry Men


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EARTHWORMS are very important. . .

If I were planning to destroy the agricultural cycle to make men into my slaves for food, here’s what I’d do:

1. Kill off the bees and the earthworms. They’re critical components without which the cycle of plant life is broken.

2. Centralize all food production and distribution.

3. Release bioweapons into the environment to destroy all private farming not owned by me using germ warfare and terminator seedstock.

4. Create an economic collapse by printing fiat currency to pay debts during a war without limits against a vaguely defined enemy.

5. Create my own private storage vault for seeds so I would control the world’s food supply in the resulting famine.

I could easily introduce global government and declare myself world emperor in these conditions. Hungry people will do or say anything to put something into their bellies.


There is only one course of action for free men worldwide and that is to PACK YOUR RICE.

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