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EarthWorm Digest Receives Accolades E-mail
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Sunday, 25 February 2007

EarthWorm Digest Receives Accolades

February 4, 2007

By Susan Mancini

The year of 2007 is starting off right for the EarthWorm Digest, a non-profit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio.  The environmental non-profit has significantly improved its website that was started over nine years ago. They have launched a continuation of their magazine which was absent for over two years.  The magazine is available online delivered directly to email or in hard copy delivered to one’s postal address at home or work. Over forty thousand new visitors are visiting the website each month and the number is climbing higher every day.

The website has the most active online forums on the internet regarding information concerning earthworms.  After registering on the website for free, participants can post a question or share information regarding earthworms with other posters into one of six different posting forum categories, ranging from general earthworm discussion to literature and education, business, environmental or research related discourse concerning earthworms, as well as a suggestion area on how to improve the website. 

The website is easy to navigate.

Addition to the online forums, since September of 2005 when the EarthWorm Digest moved to Cleveland, Ohio there have been over 300 unique articles posted on the website involving journalists writing from all over the world.  Again, whether it is about the  environment, literature and education, business or research concerning earthworms, the EarthWorm Digest has it covered. 

This sharing of open source information is the direct result of the Executive Director, Jamie Melvin’s vision.  “In taking over Earthworm Digest, Jamie Melvin brings together the lone person with a bin in the basement or garden, the lab tech making slides of earthworm enzymes late at night in the laboratory and the bigger endeavors like recycling vermicompost on a hotel property in South Africa, so they all know they are acknowledged and supported,” said a local volunteer and a visitor to the EarthWorm Digest website.

Recently, Infography (in-fóg-ra-phy) has added the EarthWorm Digest website to their excellent sources list for relevant information.

This reference tool enables anyone to identify superb sources of information about a subject of inquiry, viewed through the lens of expert opinion. The subject specialists who endorse the selections published in The Infography are professors, librarians, and other research scholars who comb through literature and the Internet for efficient, comprehensive and precise focus of source material for information seminal for research. 

The Infography serves as the antidote to information overload and qualitatively suspect sources.  It integrates citations to books, Internet sites, journal articles, and other sources that provide excellent information.  Each subject entry in The Infography refers the investigator to six highly recommended sources of information, and most subject specialists also include a longer list of other worthwhile sources for further research.

It helps invigorate librarians in their response to the most common question in libraries, "Can you help me find good information about this topic?"

Students can best engage the process of learning if they first obtain the finest sources of information for their area of interest.  Such "top-down research" begins with the reading recommendations of the professors and other subject specialists who share their wisdom through The Infography.

EarthWorm Digest reciprocated the honor by placing Infography as their first link on the EarthWorm Digest website.

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