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Another Creation E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Another Creation

March 1, 2007

By Yeng Al Chun

Seberang, Jaya

His first success was selling his own homemade organic fertilizer produced from cow dung and earthworms. S. Somosunderam, 57, is planning to score another success with his ‘extra large’ crops.  The cattle farmer, who produces 100kg of organic fertilizer per day, has come up with a new recipe for a liquid organic fertilizer for his vegetables.  Using the organic fertilizer produced from earthworms, Somosunderam mixes the fertilizer with cow urine, cow dung, yogurt, cow milk and ghee to produce the liquid version.  “I would mix the fertilizer with other things, leave it for 28 days and stir the mixture twice every day,” he said. 

Somosunderam said he sprayed the liquid fertilizer on his vegetable patch and banana trees behind his house in Taman Siakap, Seberang Jaya.  The 20 banana trees behind his house have yielded ‘extra large’ sized bananas which are being sold at double the market price of RM1 per kilogramme.  “I hope I can find a plot of land to plant more banana trees and produce more bananas,” he said.  Besides the banana trees, Somosunderam is trying to plant ladies fingers and brinjals.  

There were also a few Murungakai (drumstick) trees that had extra long Murungakai hanging from their branches.  However, Somosunderam said one must not use too much fertilizer as it could kill the tree.  “My youngest daughter S. Vijayaletchumi, 19, has been helping me full-time with the organic fertilizer production. My wife and four other children also help out when they are free,” he said.  

Somosunderam first started out producing organic fertilizer from earthworms and cow dung in 2004 He started out with 10 earthworms in a box and the number had multiplied to about 5,000 earthworms, producing 30kg of organic fertilizer a day in the first year.  “My current target is to produce 500kg of organic fertilizer per day and to see my liquid version well received by other farmers,” he said.  

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