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Vermicomposting in First Major U.S. City E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Vermicomposting in
First Major U.S. City


Vermicomposting in First Major U.S. City and Providing Earthworm Information to a Global Market

Jamie Melvin

Abstract May 2007

CEO, Sansai Environmental Technologies; Executive Director,      
1455 East 185th Street, Cleveland, OH 44110

Cleveland, Ohio is the first major U.S. municipality to be home base for a business involving reclamation of recoverable resources destined for landfill and feeding the pre-consumer product to earthworms in order to encourage production of earthworm castings for natural acceleration of plant growth. As one of the world’s major industrial centers, the U.S. is also one of the world’s largest producers of organic waste and one of the world’s largest users of landfills.

Sansai Environmental Technologies LLC, employs new proprietary high-tech, patent pending processes to manufacture an environmentally sound line of premium soil products, including potting soil and liquid tea for plants from discarded organic materials many businesses, governments and industries were routinely managing by landfill disposal.  Placement of un-recovered resources in landfills results in considerable expense to the businesses and communities that use this method of removal management. Sansai reduces expenses related to the management of these recoverable resource materials, while transforming them into valuable soil and plant amendment products that retain the recovered resources in a more ecologically sustainable and environmentally sound alternative to placement in a landfill.

Sansai reduces the expense of managing these resources by converting them into valuable soil products to be sold to a worldwide market.  The ancient word Sansai (pronounced SAN-SAY) represents the balance of heaven, earth and man.  Sansai’s founders believe that heaven, earth and man, along with the environment and technology, all play a major role in their business.

Sansai’s patent-pending process combines state-of-the-art manufacturing engineering with cutting-edge bioscience.  Material resources are put through a completely contained forty-five day conversion process that includes digestion by earthworms.  Earthworm castings are then blended with a variety of organic natural additives to optimize plant growth enhancement and pest resistance properties in the final soil products, which are tailored to suit specific customer needs, and are scientifically monitored to ensure product quality and consistency.  This unique process produces no waste materials. Sansai has laboratory facilities with additional technician offices that are dedicated for scientific research.

Another company, the EarthWorm Digest, is a non-profit organization working in a global context to disseminate earthworm information in a responsible way.  The direction is to spearhead action in the world regarding earthworms that has genuine impact on the environment and issues of technology, scientific research, business, agriculture, literature and education.

Whenever readers visit the EarthWorm Digest website or read the online or printed magazine, they want to receive a new healthy array of information that displays no favoritism or political or big business affiliation. Reporting the latest information and continually working to share knowledge regarding anything to do with earthworms is the goal.  Active discussion forums are encouraged and sharing of practical experience is well respected. Being a responsible non-profit organization means enhancing the knowledge of its readers, now and in the future.

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