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In Praise of the Lowly Worm E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 May 2007
In Praise of the Lowly Worm


The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH)

By Jan Perry

It's been a while since I covered readers' letters. I received a couple about last week's columns, so I thought I'd include them today.

The piece about small space gardens brought a couple of letters, including this one from Glen T. from Bolingbrooke, Ga. He wrote: "I discovered your column while searching one of my favorite topics. Worms. When I was a kid and needed money I used to make a few bucks digging worms and selling them to my dad's friends for fishing bait. Later on I seriously considered investing in a worm farm but a job offer in the city came along that was just too good to pass up. But I still have an interest in worms and hope to retire one day and move back to the country where I can raise a few worms and take my grandkids fishing. Here are some of the best sites I've discovered over the years."

* -- What a great site for kids of all ages. This one from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana is colorful as well as brimming with facts and details exalting the lowly worm. Hosted by "Squrimin' Herman," this one is truly entertaining as well as educational.

* -- Another college extension site, this one from the University of California-Davis also extols the virtues of worms -- including a fairly high-brow literary reference.

* -- The folks at Earthworm Digest go out of their way to collect any article that mentions earthworms in any way. There are tons here and more archived. Plus, you'll find active forums that feature questions and comments from worm enthusiasts everywhere.

Jan Perry is a Kentucky-based freelance writer who has never Sumo wrestled but has dug a few worms in her day.

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