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Worm Forums (old and new) and cart E-mail
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Written by David Lukens   
Saturday, 17 September 2005

Worm Forums

As many of you may have seen recently, the old wormdigest.org site was having some issues... especially in the area of the old forum.  The good news is that the old forum software is gone, and the better news is that over 31,000 posts from the old forum software have been preserved.
The old forum software was breaking down because it wasn't meant to handle that many posts.  The specific software that was running it hasn't been updated since about 2002. 

The old forum posts can be found by clicking on "Archived Old Site" on the navigation bar on the left.  Once you get to the old forums, you can search through them.  The search box will search through the body of the message, the author's name, and the subject.

And from here on out, we will be using the new forums, which can be found on the left hand navbar under "New Forum Topics".

Also, we have a shopping cart that is currently in the works.  It should be ready to go shortly.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 October 2005 )
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