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Worm Digest in Transition E-mail
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Friday, 23 September 2005

Worm Digest is in Transition

A New Executive Director and his Team are Announced!
By Wendy Gibson

Worm Digest commenced in 1993 with the goal of teaching everyone about earthworm composting, a process in which red earthworms turn recoverable resources into a great soil amendment. Their earliest activity was the quarterly magazine, Worm Digest, started by Stephen White and Steven Zorba Frankel. In the early years, they focused on promoting earthworm composting in the home to recycle the valuable nutrients in food scraps and to reduce the material going to landfills. They also went into classrooms, and assisted teachers and students to get started processing their food scraps showing them how much fun it was to learn using a worm bin.

In 2004, “Zorba”, turned over the reins to Pete Bogdanov who currently owns Vermico. Pete ran both Vermico and The Worm Digest for over a year. Due to the strenuous workload of running two companies, Pete began a nationwide search to find an individual who could take over The Worm Digest and continue to make it successful. He found the person he was looking for.

In September of 2005, a new Executive Director was announced for The Worm Digest. His name is Jamie Melvin. His vision is to take The Worm Digest to another level. What started off in humble beginnings back in Eugene, Oregon has landed thirteen years later in the midwest town of Cleveland, Ohio. Jamie is currently the CEO of Sansai Environmental Technologies, LLC .

             Jamie Melvin

Jamie took no time at all to put together an all-star cast of the who’s who in the earthworm/environmental industry. He diversified his Board of Directors with academic professors and field-tested professionals. He also gathered a group of local individuals in the Cleveland area who are willing to support the cause and assist in the day to day activities of running a successful public non-profit organization. Jamie stated, “It takes a great team of people to accomplish lofty goals. I think we have a nucleus to accomplish this.”

Some of the professors on the Board are, Dr. Clive Edwards, of Ohio State University. Dr. Edwards has written thirty books and published over one hundred and eighty papers specific to earthworms.

          Clive Edwards

Another professor who is part of the team is, Dr. Norman Arancon, from the Phillipines. Dr. Arancon has published several research papers and is currently doing research at Ohio State University.

        Norman Arancon

John Tharakan, PhD, is Professor of Chemical Engineering at Howard University and Chairs of the Department. With over twenty years experience in research, education and technical consulting, he has authored numerous publications in environmental and bioprocess engineering, engineering education, environmental justice and appropriate technology. His current research focuses on the uses of microbial techniques and vermicomposting for the biological remediation of hazardous waste sludge contaminated with PCBs.

          John Tharakan

Dr. Jeff Tomberlin is a professor at Texas A&M University. Dr. Tomberlin has published research papers on the subject of black soldier fly larvae.

DSCN0162.JPG - 176.27 KB
             Jeff Tomberlin

Jerry Guinn is a businessman from Pittsburg, Texas. Mr. Guinn has had a deep interest in vermicomposting and vermiculture for years. Jerry’s experience is his practical knowledge through field testing. 

           Jerry Guinn

Bob Ingram owns Trinity Ranch in House Springs, Missouri. Mr. Ingram is a businessman and has been instrumental in providing and sharing accurate knowledge to people who are interested in vermicomposting and vermiculture.

Bob1.jpg - 86.13 KB
           Bob Ingram

It appears that Jamie Melvin has put a great team together at the new Worm Digest. This team has all the ear-markings to accomplish great goals. For a long time many people in the business and science community have been looking forward to this collaboration.

Good luck to all of them and thank you for making this a better world to live in.

Wendy Gibson is a free-lance journalist who has a passion for environmental impact on the earth. Her latest assignment was covering the hurricane disaster down in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

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